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Majelac Technologies is a privately owned company, focused on providing assembly technology to the semiconductor industry.
Founded in 2002, Majelac Technolgies LLC began with a simple goal in mind: to offer a higher caliber of quick-turn IC assembly services to the semiconductor industry. Founder and President Michael Quinn, armed with 20 years of industry experience, first opened Majelac’s doors in the Allentown Economic Development Corporations, BridgeWorks Facility as part of The Ben Franklin Partnership for Start-Up Companies.
Majelac began offering wafer dicing, die-attach, and gold wire bonding as just a few of our services.


In 2004 we worked with a start-up company developing BGA packages for use in an implantable defibrillator. We assembled the initial designs and after passing qualification, we built early production quantities for non-human trials.

Quickly carving out space in the industry, in 2005, Majelac Technologies expands to a second suite inside the Bridgeworks facility, making additional space for expanded services including Flip Chip Assembly and Overmolding.

In 2006, having proven our capabilities in prototype design and development, Majelac is approached and ultimately partners with a start-up company to develop a MEMS microphone. We were contracted with the development of initial prototypes and all early production units.  With the successful qualification and initial assembly of the first 300,000 field grade units, Majelac continues its path towards growth and industry excellence.


In 2007, Majelac Technologies expands again and makes our interim relocation to Aston, Pennsylvania. This move continued our ultimate drive towards continued expansion and the development of a new manufacturing facility customized to our founder’s unique specifications to further improve our quality of services.
In 2009, driven by the foundry industry, Majelac invests in 300 mm dicing equipment specifically targeted at providing dicing services for MPW, (Multi-Project Wafers) on 300 mm silicon. This same year we worked with a startup company to develop a solar panel product using microelectronic packaging techniques.
With construction completed on the new facility, Majelac completes its relocation to the Philadelphia region in 2012. The new facility located in Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania is custom fit for semiconductor assembly services including ESD flooring, and Clean Rooms.
In 2014, Majelac expands its suite of services to include Heavy Wirebond and Vacuum Solder Reflow.
In 2015, with the purchase of a high-end CNC milling machine, Majelac Technologies successfully develops tooling that allows us to offer products including molded packages.
Now, in 2017, Majelac Technologies LLC celebrates 15 years and looks eagerly to the future, striving for excellence and continuing a strong tradition of exemplary IC assembly services.


The 2020 global pandemic impacted our sales in the 1st half of the year however we ended the year with overall growth due to increased demand from our biotech customers and 5G related products. Because of this increase in business we have doubled our facility size. We now have 12000 square feet of office and manufacturing space.