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610-459-8786 Semiconductor Packaging & Integrated Circuit Assembly

Die Bonding

Majelac Technologies Die attach capabilities include:

  • Conductive Epoxy Die Attach
  • Non-Conductive Epoxy Die Attach
  • Solder Die Attach
  • Eutectic Die Attach

68PLCC die attach

68 PLCC die attach

Epoxy Die Attach

Our epoxy die attach service is the most common die attach method requested by our customers. We offer both conductive epoxy die attach and non-conductive epoxy die attach. We are capable of automated epoxy writing, which provides excellent under-die epoxy coverage. Our automatic die attach equipment can pick from Waffle-pak, Gelpak, or wafers up to 200mm in diameter. Placement accuracy down to +/- 12 microns is available and we can handle die thicknesses of as little as 50 microns.

Majelac Technologies Vacuum Reflow SST1200 2

Vacuum Solder Reflow

Solder / Eutectic Die Attach

Our solder die attach process is compatible with solder paste or solder preforms. We offer Vacuum reflow or Belt furnace reflow. Our Vacuum reflow utilizes a Solid State Equipment Corp model SST 1200 vacuum reflow oven for near void free die attach. Solder reflow temperatures up to 400C are supported. Common solder preforms are 90/10 Lead/Tin and 80/20 Gold/Tin. Our eutectic die attach is available for Au/Sn or Au/Si applications.