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Finishing Services

Dam and Fill encapsulationEncapsulation

Majelac offers epoxy encapsulation after wire bonding to protect the bond wires. We can do a Glob Top, Dam & Fill, or partial encapsulation. 


Transfer MoldingTransfer Molding

Transfer molding is available for BGA and QFN packages. If you have a custom device we can design a mold to fit your product.

Lid Attach

Lid attach is the most common method we see for cavity style packages. We can attach lids with epoxy or tape. We also offer Au/Sn hermetic lid attach.

Ink Marking

Ink Marking is available via our pad printer. We can make laser engraved plates in house with your device ID, Date Code, and Logo.

Laser Marking

  • In addition to ink marking, Majelac now has the technology that can accurately accomplish the task at hand at an even faster rate than our previous methods through laser marking. 
  • We now have the ability to provide high quality marking on a variety of products. Improving the condition of the merchandise, and the speed that we are able to produce such products. 
  • Our range of solutions allows us to meet the manufacturing standards of our customers in an efficient and effective way.

How does laser marking work?

  • In the semiconductor industry, laser marking is a highly efficient method that prides itself on the accuracy, speed, and durability of the permanent marks on any given wafer.