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Flip Chip Assembly

Flip Chip AssemblyMajelac Technologies provides Flip Chip Assembly services including Solder Reflow, Thermo-compression, Thermo-sonic, Copper Pillar, and Epoxy attach technologies. Pitch sizes down to 150 microns are available.

Our equipment includes a Semiconductor Equipment Corp Omni Bonder and an ESEC Micron 2 automatic bonder. Our SEC Omni Bonder has a spec of +/- 5 microns and the ESEC Micron 2 has a spec of +/- 12 microns placement accuracy.

The Omni bonder is equipped with a heated stage and an ultrasonic bond head which enable us to offer a Thermo-Sonic Flip-Chip Attach. With the Thermo-sonic Flip Chip approach, we can direct bond gold bumps to gold pads on the substrate.

We can offer mixed technologies with Flip Chip such as wire bonding of an interposer IC. After Flip Chip attaches we can underfill with epoxy to provide added strength and reliability.

Flip Chip plus wirebond BGA