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610-459-8786 Semiconductor Packaging & Integrated Circuit Assembly

IC Assembly

Camera wirebondingIntegrated Circuit assembly provides the interconnect solution from the semiconductor device to a board-level package. This type of packaging can be a standard package or a highly customized solution.

The staff at Majelac Technologies has been involved with IC Packaging since the early 1980s. From our years of experience, we have worked with many forms of packaging from a simple 16 pin side braze dip to a highly complex Multi-chip Module with mixed technologies. 

Product Development Flexibility

Majelac Technologies can assemble your IC packages quickly and reliably. We can work with you to develop your product through qualification. Volume production is usually performed in Asia, and Majelac can assist our customers through the transfer stage by handling early production quantities. For some customers, the production volume could be just several thousand per week in which case they often decide to keep Majelac as their qualified production supplier. 

We have successfully passed qualification testing for MEMS, Military, and  Medical applications including implantable medical devices. For prototypes, we can provide same-day service. Taped lids can be attached to allow access to your device after assembly.


We can assemble prototypes in open cavity packages in as little as 4 hours.

Our capabilities include:

Experience with the following packages:

  • FCBGA, FCPBGA, Flex, and Rogers materials.
  • Custom packaging to a variety of solutions.