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Ball Bonding

Free air ball palomar 4Majelac Technologies Ball Bonding service is available in Gold or Copper wire with wire diameters ranging from 0.7 to 2.0 mils, (18 microns to 50 microns).

We offer Standard, Fine Pitch, and Ultra-fine Pitch bonding down to 35 microns.

Multi Tier wire bonding with up to 4 rows is available.

Ball Bonding is the most common wire bond method due to its highly flexible process. One of the key advantages of ball bonding is the ability to create custom loop shapes. Wire loops can have multiple bends or kinks providing the ability to have multiple tiers of wires or crossing wires. Typical Ball Bonding involves attaching the ball to the pad on the integrated circuit and then attaching the Wedge or Stitch Bond to the package. Another method is to use Stand off Stitch Bonding or SSB. The SSB bonding process includes a ball bump which can be attached to the Chip or the substrate prior to placing the Standard Ball/Wedge bond. This allows for reverse wire bonding or chip-to-chip wire bonding.

Majelac Technologies ball bonding service is compatible with many package types.

Typical packages are:

  • Open Cavity QFN
  • Open Cavity QFP
  • Open Cavtiy SOIC
  • Ceramic packages like PGA, Cerquads, Sidebraze DIPS, Ceramic LCC, as well as many others.

Custom packages and Printed Circuit Boards are also commonly used. Recommended plating for gold ball bonding is soft Gold or ENIPEG (Electroless Nickle, Immersion Palladium, Electroless Gold).