Animal Tissue Shipping

All Animal Biotech Industries, Inc., post mortem pig tissues are harvested fresh according to client specifications and are immediately chilled at 35-37 degrees Fahrenheit. ABI maintains this temperature.

All transportation of ABI’s post mortem tissues is done via FedEx throughout the tissue processing, packaging and shipping procedures until they reach the client facility. Tissues are packed in insulated boxes with cold packs or dry ice depending on the client’s requirements. ABI’s time-tested methods of packing always ensure that the tissues will remain at the proper temperature to minimize the degradation processes during shipment. ABI periodically runs multiple climate-controlled studies on our packaged tissues in all climate conditions and found that a constant controlled environment can be maintained inside each package for many days.

Clients are included in the inner tracking circle with FedEx so all parties stay informed of the status of the packages while in transit until clients receive them. We closely monitor client packages to be sure they are not held up during the delivery process. ABI is informed of any delays as soon as they happen and takes steps to alleviate the cause and get the packages on their way as soon as possible while keeping the client fully informed. ABI also builds contingency plans into its tissue orders and tissue harvest schedules so it can be sure that our clients have their products on time in perfect condition in case of a delay. We understand the critical nature of clients’ work and the importance of the tissue quality and timeliness of its arrival.


The Value of Animal Growth Charts in Biomedical Research

Our porcine growth chart allows clients to know the expected rate (average daily gain) of growth over time of our Yorkshire cross bred swine herd at all ages.