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Dicing Services

Majelac Wafer SawingMajelac Technologies dicing service is capable of dicing silicon wafers or hard materials. Our standard dicing services include:

  • Dicing of Silicon wafers up to 300 mm  diameter
  • Dicing of MPW - Multi Project Wafers
  • Dicing of Individual Dies
  • Dicing of Ceramics, Glass, and other Hard materials
  • Dicing of Substrates and Molded QFN packages

Our Automated Dicing equipment includes tools from Disco and Advanced Dicing Technologies. After Dicing, Automated Die Sorting is available to place your die in waffle pak or gelpak or leave the die mounted on UV curable or non-UV dicing tape for die bonding further in the assembly process.

Silicon Wafer Dicing

From individual dies to full 300mm wafers, Majelac has the experience and capabilities to precisely dice wafers with minimal chipping. De-Ionized water is used and we offer CO2 injection or surfactant injection to control resistivity and cleanliness. Majelac can also dice bumped wafers, portions of wafers, or individual dies.

MEMS Wafer Dicing

Majelac has been dicing MEMS wafers since 2004. We have developed special ways to handle MEMS wafers and dice without damage to the sensitive structures. We have diced uncapped MEMS wafers and are able to protect the devices from water damage.

Individual Die Dicing

We frequently have requests to dice individual dies from Multi Project Wafer tiles. We can accurately cut between dies with streets as small as 35 microns. Die layout should be carefully planned to maximize the number of dies that can be cut from a given tile. With proper planning all dies can be cut without sacrificing dies.

Multi Project Wafer Dicing 

MPW wafers or "pizza mask" wafers can be accurately cut to remove a particular design, a full reticle, or multiple designs. Majelac has been dicing MPW wafers since our startup in 2002. Our ADT ProDice saw creates a cut map which allows us to visually examine where all the cuts will be made prior to actually cutting the wafer. The cut map is a valuable tool that eliminates the chance of cutting in the wrong place.

Substrate and Hard Material Dicing

Besides Silicon we offer the option to saw other materials such as ceramics, copper, laminates, or quartz. We use Diamond Resin Blades for these materials and we stock numerous types of blades with varying widths, diamond sizes, and binders. Special UV release tapes are stocked for dicing hard materials. Applications include package singulation, lenses, lids, and many others.

Materials include:

  • Silicon Carbide (SiC)
  • Fused Silica (Quartz)
  • Ceramics
  • Galium Nitride (GaN)
  • Laminates
  • Glass

die sort gelpakDie Sorting

After dicing we offer die sort to waffle pak or Gelpak. Our Automated sorting equipment can pick dies from 0.8 mm to 25.0 mm.